Tropical Exposures Photo Booth


Tropical Exposures Photo Booth

DIY (Do It Yourself)

You want a Photo Booth for your Wedding or Special Event but you don't want to pay the price for a "Professional Booth".
There are Do It Yourself (DIY) options:

  • Tap your Uncle Al.  He knows all about cameras.  In fact, he still has that old Polaroid camera.  I'm sure film is still available.  Uncle Al can stand there and ask your guests to put on the hats and glasses you got at Party City, act goofy and and he will snap the picture.  30 seconds later, they have a lasting keepsake.  Well, one person in the group has that lasting keepsake.  Four in the group, no problem, Uncle Al will simply snap off three more photos.  Sorry, you do not get a copy unless Uncle Al snaps one off for you.  By the way, Uncle Al will be standing there the entire night.  You really did not want him leading the Chicken Dance, did you?
  • You can build your own.  After all, how difficult and costly could it be.  It has to be cheaper than a professional booth.
  • We will itemize:
    • Camera - A respectable  Digital Camera, $250 to $500
    • Computer - The computer is the heart of a Photo Booth. - $500 - Hope you know Windows 8.1 (such a joy)
    • Photo Booth Software - $125 to $250 - Easy to install and learn so the brochure reads.  Give yourself two weeks just to get the first photos out.
    • Printer - This is the real kicker.  A Photo Booth printer goes for about $800 to $1,200.  Supplies for the printer (no, the printer does not come with any supplies) is another $100.
    • Backdrop & Backdrop Frame - $350 if you shop it right.
    • Glasses, hats, fake mustaches, $100+ at Party City.
    • Total: About $2,500 to $3,000
    •  You still do not have an enclosed booth.  Just the components that make up the booth.
    • You will need to tap your computer geek friend to set up everything to get it running and to man your creation during the event.
    • When your event is over, what are you going to do with all this stuff you purchased.

  • Or, Contact PhotoBooth-R-Us, and for a fraction of the Do-It-Yourself cost.  Our booth is a Professional Quality Booth:
    • We have the professional quality camera, not a Polaroid like your Uncle Al.
    • We have the professional quality printer
    • Our Photo Booth Software is the best in the industry.
    • We have all the props, accessories and party favors.
    •  We man our booth, not one of your party guests.
    • Everyone gets a copy of their pictures in the booth.
    • Host gets a copy of all photos and videos both printed and on CD or Thumb Drive
    • We have Video available so your guests can leave you a personal message.  A must have for weddings.
    • Green Screen - Yes we can.  You tell us the background you wish and we will do our best to find it.
    • Fully enclosed, private booth or open booth, your choice.
    • We can produce an album of all of your photos and allow your guests to comment.
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